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What You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

What You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Know What You Shouldn’t Put Down Your Garbage Disposal.

Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen makes cleanup a whole lot easier. While it’s a great appliance to have to get rid of certain food items and debris, there are only certain foods that should go down the disposal. Because a lot of people are unsure what foods can’t and can go down the disposal, there can be a lot of damages to the disposal. Knowing what foods not to put down the disposal can save you money and repairs.

No Fibrous Food

Fibrous food includes potato peels, carrot peels, celery, lettuce, and corn husks. These types of foods can get stuck on the motor and can cause jams, preventing smooth operation.

No Grease

When someone pours grease down the sink, not only can it clog the drain, but it can also hurt the garbage disposal. It makes it hard for the disposal to work properly because the grease hardens and makes it hard for the motor to grind up food.

No Expandable Foods

Expandable foods include rice and pasta. Just like when they are cooking in water, they are able to expand in your disposal, causing clogs.

No Drain Cleaners

While drain cleaners are seen as preventing clogs in our drains, they can actually have an adverse effect on our garbage disposals. The cleaners can cause damage to the blades of the disposal, so grinding up food becomes harder.

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