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Autumn Maintenance on Your Gas Heater

Gas Furnace Pilot Light

If You’re Furnace is Working Correctly, the Pilot Light Will Burn Blue.

Autumn is just around the corner, and that means that the weather is going to start changing. Don’t wait until you need it to make sure that your home’s gas heater is in proper working order. Do a quick inspection on your own and then call the experts at Patrick E. Chase Plumbing & Heating at 412-561-3624 to perform any major repairs or cleaning.

Gas Heater Maintenance

There are two main components that need to be checked annually to ensure that your heater continues to work from season to season. Before beginning any inspection on your heater, be sure to turn the entire system off.

The flame

Before you turn your heater system off, turn the thermostat up above room temperature so that the furnace comes on. Once it turns on, look at your pilot light, it should be burning bright blue. If you see any other color flame, like yellow or orange, give us a call. Your heater might be burning something besides gas.


The belt on your fan can wear out over time. It is better to replace it before it actually breaks. If you don’t feel comfortable looking for cracks of thinning in your belt, call our professionals for a gas heater inspection. We’ll replace the belt if it needs it.


The filters catch dirt and dust in the system and keep it from being spread throughout your home. These should be checked every few months to keep the system working in proper order. You can purchase filters at your local hardware store.

Call Us Today

If you notice anything unusual about your gas heater, such as strange noises or an odd smell, give us a call today at 412-561-3624. We are happy to help you get your gas heater ready for this winter.