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Signs You Need a New Furnace

New Furnace

If Your Furnace Has Frequent Repair Requirements, the Time Has Come for Replacement.

The average furnace will provide you with 10 to 15 years of dependable service. Once you meet or exceed this limit, however, repairs and other issues will begin to cause headaches. You may also notice that your heater no longer provides the same level of service as in the past. If this situation sounds familiar, schedule an inspection from a trusted heating company. You may learn that a new furnace serves your best interests.

Rising Bills

A common indication of the need for a new furnace appears on your monthly bills. Whether you have an electric or gas furnace, repair concerns and worn out parts can cause a drastic reduction in efficiency. If you have an aged device, a new installation may best serve your interests. Newer furnaces typically will come with drastic improvements to efficiency for lower bills.

Frequent Repair Needs

Another sign for a new installation comes from the frequency of repairs on your old device. If you have had your furnace for many years, yet the last couple have seen a drastic uptick in service calls, the time has come for an updated device. The cost for frequent repairs will quickly outpace that of a new system.

Uneven Temperature Control

A furnace on its last legs will begin to fail in its ability to control the temperature across your home. You may find uneven temperature control across various rooms, or just a general inability to heat your home. If this signifies a departure in performance from previous years, then the effects of age have simply caught up to her heater.

Generally speaking, old age represents the most common reason for HVAC replacement. At Patrick E. Chase Plumbing & Heating, we provide for the expert replacement of old systems with new furnaces in Pittsburgh, PA. To learn more about our company or schedule service, call us today at 412-561-3624.