5 Causes of a Leaky Faucet

Bathroom Sink Suffering From Causes of a Leaky FaucetIs your kitchen or bathroom faucet leaking? Maybe the dripping sound is keeping you up at night, and just plain driving you crazy. If so, you should contact Patrick E. Chase Plumbing & Heating for leaky faucet repair in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas. If you are curious about the origin of your faucet leak, consider these 5 causes:

Cartridge Damage

If the faucet cartridge itself is damaged, repair becomes a little more complicated. First you have to determine if you have a ball-type faucet, or a compression faucet. In either case, you will have to find a matching cartridge so that the exchange can be made seamlessly.

O-Ring Damage

The most common source of faucet leaks are damaged O-Rings. The small disc-like component is actually what’s keeping your faucet handle secured. If it’s loose, or damaged, it can create a problematic leak.

Seal Damage

Most faucets contain both inlet and outlet seals. These seals can build up water overtime, and become corroded from the saturation. Once they are corroded, they can stop functioning properly, and cause leaks in your faucet.

Valve Seat Damage

Do you notice the leak coming from the spout of your faucet? If so, the problem could be a damaged valve seat. Like with seals, water has a tendency to build up in the valve seat, particularly when its left uncleaned. The water will eventually corrode the valve and cause a leak.

Washer Damage

The valve seat is actually contacted by the washer and can cause friction between the two components. This can damage either part, and cause a leak in your faucet as a result. If it is indeed your washer that is damaged, it is likely worn out from the regular friction. CallĀ 412-561-3624 for leaky faucet repair in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas.