The Dangers of Plumbing Backflow Problems

If you have ever seen sewage or water built up in your sinks, tubs, or showers, then chances are you have experienced a backflow problem. Plumbing backflow happens when something prevents your home’s plumbing system from effectively draining water. While many problems can lead to plumbing backflow, most are preventable with regular maintenance and care. The Patrick E. Chase Plumbing & Heating experts can provide effective backflow prevention and repair for any drainage or venting need.

We Can Help Find Your Plumbing Backflow and Repair it Quickly.

Signs of Debris and Gunk are Indicators You May Have a Backflow Problem.

What Causes Backflow in Plumbing?

Plumbing backflow can be caused by a variety of problems in your plumbing system. Knowing the signs and symptoms of each could help identify the problem more quickly. While each issue is a real concern for health and safety, most problems can be repaired quickly. These are the most common causes of backflow problems.

  • Sewer Line Damage: Damage in your sewer line can cause a pressure change in your system that causes your water to back up in your home instead of flowing out properly.
  • Water Main Damage: Much like a sewer line problem, a city’s water main can dramatically reduce water pressure in your system.
  • Damaged Backflow Preventer: In homes that use a sump pump or ejector pump, a backflow preventer keeps water from backing up into your system. If this valve is broken, sewage can easily flow back into your plumbing system.
  • Damaged or Clogged Roof Vents: Your roof vents allow air to flow freely creating a vacuum to move your water through the pipes. Clogs caused by animals and roof sediment can cause your water to slow down due to the lack of air. A Pennsylvania Roofing Company can complete regular roof maintenance to ensure your vents stay free of debris and material bits.

Backflow Testing Available in Pittsburgh, PA

Ensure that your home’s plumbing system is always working as efficiently as possible with expert backflow testing delivered throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area. The Patrick E. Chase Plumbing & Heating offers plumbing backflow prevention services to identify and eliminate damages before they cause dangerous problems in your home. Our professionals deliver a complete inspection of your system using only the best backflow preventers, vents, and pipes from companies like Grainger, Studor, and Amerivent.

To get the expert plumbing backflow prevention and repair you’re looking for in Pittsburgh, PA, call the Patrick E. Chase Plumbing & Heating experts at 412-561-3624 to schedule your appointment.