Injection Pump Repair Services

Injection Pump Repair Services

Get Your Injection Pump Repair From The Experts At Patrick E. Chase.

If your bathroom was installed below the Pittsburgh, PA’s sewage pipe, it is likely that you have an injector pump. While injection pumps and sump pumps are seen as the same, they are completely different. A sump pump is used to collect water from flooding or leaking in a basement; an injector pump is used to get rid of solid or liquid waste. Because an injector pump plays an integral part in your plumbing system, it is important to have repairs taken care of if your injection pump is broken or acting up. If you are experiencing troubles with your injection pump, call the professional plumbers at Patrick E. Chase Plumbing and Heating. We are here to make sure your injector pump is fully repaired and working better than ever. Ready to get injection pump repair in Pittsburgh, PA? Then call us today at 412-561-3624.

Signs You Need An Injection Pump Repair

A homeowner’s injector pump should be in great condition at all times. However, there are times when the injector pump can become clogged or have other problems that will result in repairs. To be informed about when you should call a plumber for injection pump repair, it’s important to know what warning signs to look out for when you need an injector pump repair.

Signs You Need an Injection Pump Repair

Look At For These Signs When You Are Unsure If Your Injection Pump Needs Repairs.

  • The injector pump won’t start.
  • The pump runs and then stops after a short time.
  • Water isn’t evacuating the pit when the pump is cycling.
  • The pump continuously runs.
  • The pump is really noisy.
  • The pump is cycling but nothing is being removed.

If your injector pump is struggling with any of these symptoms, feel free to call Patrick E. Chase Plumbing and Heating today. We have years of experience working on injector pumps and we have the skills and knowledge to repair any injector pump and get it up and working. If the injector pump doesn’t have any of these problems but you think something might be wrong, we would be happy to come to your residence to check it out. Give us a call today at 412-561-3624 today for injection pump repair in Pittsburgh, PA.

Quality Injection Pump Repair

Whether you need injection pump repair or you are unsure, our skilled plumbers are here to provide our Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding area customers with affordable, high-quality injection pump or sewer line repairs. We understand that repairs can be inconvenient at times, but we work closely with our customers to ensure we find a time that is right for them. We are able to work on any injector pump and have it working, so you don’t have to worry about any more plumbing problems. For injection pump repair in Pittsburgh, PA, call us at 412-561-3624.