Signs You Have a Sewer Line Problem

Sewer Line Problem.

The Sudden Appearance of Pests on Your Property Could Indicate a Sewer Line Problem.

A sewer line can present serious problems for a homeowner. Between messy complications like sewage back-up and the invasive methods needed for repair, a problematic sewer line can become a major headache. What’s worse, most of them accomplish quite a bit of damage before repair. In many cases, early detection can save you both grief and money. Pay attention for these signs of a sewer line problem, and call your local plumber for immediate assistance. 

Clogged Drains

If all the drains around your home seem slow to drain or clogged, then you probably have a problem with your sewer. Since all the drains in your house flow to the sewer, an obstruction there can back up your entire system. If this problem persists without repair, you will eventually see sewage rise up in your drains.

Unusual Yard Patches

Unusually verdant and lush patches in your yard can indicate the location of sewer leak. As sewage disperses through the leak into your yard, it will act as fertilizer and spur growth. It will also begin to attract pests like insects and rodents.

Bad Smells

Many homeowners will dismiss the smell of sewage as a natural occurrence, or related to a problem off their property. In reality, if you ever smell sewage around your home or yard, you likely have a sewage leak. A sewage line should remain completely contained. Anytime you catch a whiff of methane or sewer, call for service.

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