Signs Your Water Line Is Leaking

A water line leak can be hard to spot. The reason for this is because it is underground and the symptoms may not be things that you commonly pay attention to. Unfortunately, if you let a water leak go for a while, it can turn into bigger problems and end up raising your water bill very high. To replace a water line, the process is not as hard or as messy as it used to be so you don’t have to worry about your yard being torn up just to get to the water line. There are a few signs you should look at for when you think you may have a water leak.

Water Bill – If you have a water bill that just comes out every month on its own, you should still always be paying attention to what is going on. One of the biggest signs that people commonly overlook is an increase in their water bill. The numbers might not be large at first, but over time this will add up to a lot of lost money from a water leak.

Wet Spot – If you typically pay attention to your yard, this might be what you notice first. If you see a wet spot in your yard that typically isn’t there and is wet only in one spot, you probably have a leak in your water line.

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