Telltale Signs: 3 Potential Reasons for Poor Water Pressure

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If You’ve Lost Pressure to Your Water System, Check for These 3 Potential Issues.

Having some issues with poor water pressure? It’s a common and irritating problem that can prevent you from accomplishing your daily tasks and enjoying your tasty water supply. If you’re wondering what is causing this drop in pressure, see if one of these three potential reasons could be the cause of your problem.

Reason #1: Too Many Water Appliances

Thankfully, not every case of poor water pressure has to be an emergency. You might just have too many appliances running at once. This happens more often than you’d think, especially with growing families or when you have a bunch of family guests staying at the house. Either you can reduce the number of showers, washers, and sinks being used at once, or you can (just as easily) go out and buy a water pressure booster.

Reason #2: A Leaking Pipe

Sometimes pressure problems arise from a pipe leak inside your house. Take a brief look around and check each of your applications for visible leaking or puddles. Your issue might be fixed with a simple pipe tightening, or it might be time to call the plumber. You should be able to assess the leak and decide pretty quickly.

Reason #3: A Ruptured Water Line

If your poor pressure continues for several houses, you might have a more serious issue on your hands. Turn off all your water appliances and listen for the sound of running water in each room of your house. If you can’t hear anything, try checking the water meter and see if your home is still drawing water. Should the meter indicate the water is still running somewhere in your plumbing system, you might have a problem with your main water line. Call the plumber as soon as possible to locate and address the cause of the leak.

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