Water Heater Replacement- Know Your Options

It seems you never know about the extensive selection of a particular product until you’re faced with replacing it. When your home’s water heater stops working, you might be overwhelmed at the selection of water heaters there are. From tankless units to solar models, the list seems to go on and on. Most consumers opt for a traditional water heater that can come in tank or tankless variations, but there are many options for your water heater replacement. In order to decide which model is right for your home, consider your family’s water usage level, budget, and water needs.

Tank Water Heaters

Tank Heaters Can Provide Great Affordability and Efficiency

As the most common model of water heater, these versions are typically the most affordable initially and are available in both gas and electric models. While not always the case, many tanked models now offer better energy efficiency and quicker heating capabilities by applying an extra heating coil. While these water heaters tend to be low maintenance, tank bursting or leaking is a common problem that should be considered.

Tankless Water Heaters

In contrast to traditional water heaters, tankless options are available that work by heating your water as it passes through the water heater. These models are generally more expensive than traditional water heaters, but are much more efficient and run no risk of tank bursting.

Solar Heaters

Solar heaters work off of natural energy or a combination of natural and provided energy. These systems use a fluid that absorbs natural heat and then runs through the water, heating it to sufficient temperatures. While solar systems are quite expensive to install, the energy savings far outweigh any other type of system.

When your water heater goes out, it can be difficult to know exactly which type of replacement heater will be most beneficial to your home. Call the Patrick E. Chase Plumbing & Heating experts at 412-561-3624 to discuss your water heater replacement options and find the ideal system for your needs.