Your Toilet Choices

When it comes to replacing the toilet in your home, you may have more choices than you think. From traditional one and two-piece models to modern wall models, your options are almost endless. When you’re not sure which toilet will be best for your home, let the Patrick E. Chase Plumbing & Heating experts help you find the ideal model.

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Your Toilet Options are Vast. Let Our Experts Help.

Two Piece Toilets

We have all seen standard two-piece toilets that have a separate commode and tank. While these models deliver easier repair and replacement since they can be serviced separately, they also make cleaning more difficult. These toilets also take up more space than a one-piece toilet because of the feeding hoses and joints.

One-Piece Toilets

These models resemble a two-piece toilet but are one whole piece. Because of this, they present greater durability and easier cleaning. These models are also more compact than their two-piece counterparts because there is no need for junctions. However, these models are slightly more pricey up front and are also more expensive to replace since they have to be replaced all at once.

Wall Mounted Toilets

When you want a more modern design, these toilets take the win. Wall mounted models are efficient, effective, and use the least water of any type. However, these toilets are substantially more costly up front than one or two-piece standard models and are more difficult to install. Ideal for cramped spaces and modern areas, these toilets offer a small unit that hangs from the wall.

When you need help finding the perfect toilet for your needs, call the Patrick E. Chase Plumbing & Heating plumbing experts at 412-561-3624. We offer knowledgeable advice and guidance to help you find the ideal system for your home.